At Pass It On Studio, we take pride in customising experiences to inspire sustainable living practices to a wide range of audience.

Customized Experiences·

Sustainable Living Should Be Accessible To All

We understand that every individual's sustainability journey is unique. That is why we offer customised experiences tailored to the audience's interests, lifestyle, and level of understanding for the topic.

Whether you are a seasoned environmentalist or just beginning to explore sustainable alternatives in your life, we promise we have something for everyone.

Seminars & Workshops·
  • Uniqlo: DIY Plantable Candles

    Learn the basic principles of circular design and embark on a journey of creativity with a hands-on workshop on making plantable candles.

  • Nurtured Nest: Seed-paper Making

    Sharing the art of traditional paper making and transforming old paper waste into stunning recycled paper cards and stationery

  • Volvo: Potpourri Fragrance Sachet

    Crafting custom fragrance sachets from upcycled dried flowers for your car, wardrobe, or drawers

  • The Editor's Market: Christmas Market Candle Personalisation

    Personalize your plantable candle. Have special designs created on your candle pot for a unique touch.

  • NTUC Fairprice: Learn @ Lunch

    Advocating a shift in perspective to embrace a sustainable lifestyle with practical tips for home and work.

  • Denstu: Lunch & Learn

    Exploring the entrepreneurial journey as a female founder and the essentials of running a business in the sustainability sector.

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