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New Launch

Make traveling sustainably compact and light with the new Hydaway Collapsible Tumblers.

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Channel your inner wanderlust with the Wanderlust Set, allowing you the freedom to choose 2 scents & a complimentary refill.

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Light it up!

Enjoy the upcoming Mid-autumn and Diwali Festivals with any 2 scents of your choice and get a complimentary lighter!

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Festival of Lights

24 Oct | Deepavali

How can we satisfy our wanderlust and stay mindful of the impact we have on Earth?

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It's Time To

Make Climate Friendly Choices

As consumers we have so much power to change the world by just being careful in what we buy. Explore our selection of sustainable and ethically sourced goods to make the change.

Build A Sustainable Urban Home With Us

Our Mission

To Make Sustainable Living a Necessity

Through beautiful yet environmentally responsible products, we want to encourage, empower and effect positive impacts on our planet and people.

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"This candle is an intriguing experiment in using an unexpected design feature – in this case the scent – to convey a certain message."

- Trend-watching

"Pass It On 不是一个产品,而是要把换吧的绿色生活方式传递下去。“


"Climate Crush: Singaporean Brand Pass It On Makes Plantable Candles That Promote Reforestation"