Organized by the creative minds at Pass It On Studio, GREEN-HOUSE 2024 will unveil three immersive concept spaces at New Bahru, promising a memorable and inspiring experience for all ages.

    Discover established and indie homegrown sustainable brands, exclusive cross-collaborations, thought-provoking art pieces, a plant-forward dining experience, adoption drives for furry friends, catch eye-opening films, and a whole lot more fun surprises!

    13 — 14 July ⌚️ 10 — 7pm

    Free Admission. 🐶🐱🐰🦜 all welcomed.

    🏡 New Bahru, 46 & 58 Kim Yam Road




    • Mercedes-Benz Kantine by FURA

      [Pairing Set Menu]

      Explore the future of food at Mercedes-Benz Kantine, a pioneering pop-up café in collaboration with FURA at GREEN-HOUSE 2024. Experience an innovative plant-based menu that uses humble local ingredients that becomes an extraodinary 3 course set menu with 3 non-alocholic drinks.

      Each seating is limited to 60 pax only. Book your tickets before it runs out!

    • Mercedes-Benz Kantine by FURA

      [Ala Carte Dessert]

      If lunch is not part of your plans, worry not. Come experience the Mercedes-Benz Kantine and savor our locally inspired dessert. A limited allocation of FURA’s New Age Goreng Pisang awaits you from 3pm to 5pm on both days.

      ⏱️ 3pm — 5pm

      📍REIMAGINE Zone @ The School Hall

    Panel Talks curated by ZERRIN

    • 13 JUL, SAT | 10AM - 11AM

      Explore the impact of fast fashion consumption and what sustainable fashion truly means.

      We'll discuss whether fast fashion can ever be sustainable and offer insights on rethinking how we buy clothes, including cost per wear, personal style, and alternative ways to engage with fashion.

    • 13 JUL, SAT | 2PM - 3PM

      Watch a 15-minute screening on the state of sustainable fashion in Singapore, followed by a Q&A session.

      Our panel will discuss shifting perspectives on sustainable fashion, what brands and businesses need to do to change mindsets, and highlight alternatives to fast fashion such as thrifting, renting, swapping, and buying secondhand.

    • 14 JUL, SUN | 10AM - 11AM

      Our panel will explore what sustainability means for fashion labels, key considerations in designing and producing sustainably, and why sustainable products often cost more.

      We'll also discuss the challenges of growing a brand in an ethical way.

    • 14 JUL, SUN | 2PM - 3PM

      Our panel will delve into the growing trends of mending, sewing, and upcycling, and how these practices can enhance our relationship with the clothes we wear.

      We’ll explore how repair can lead to a more sustainable and mindful approach to fashion. Additionally, we'll share strategies to encourage everyday citizens to get involved in mending their garments.


    • Early Bird Lucky Draw

      At GREEN-HOUSE this year, get ready for an exciting opportunity for a sure-win lucky draw! Offered to the first 120 guests on 13th AND 14th July is a chance to draw and redeem from GREEN-HOUSE 2024's array of unique sustainable home and lifestyle products.

      Don't miss out on this too-good-to-be-true opportunity to elevate your eco-friendly living!

      ⏱️ 13th & 14th July

      📍RECONNECT zone & REIMAGINE zone

    • Pet Photoshoot Contest

      At the Reconnect zone, guests can enjoy outdoor picnics and bring their pets for a pet photoshoot contest. Mercedes-Benz and Helinox have collaborated and customised a camping set (valued at over S$400), which includes a high-back camping chair with an air-foam neckrest that doubles as a car neckrest. 

      Both items feature a special design in honour of this unique collaboration. Only 25 sets have been created exclusively for this event and will be awarded to 25 lucky winners of the pet photoshoot contest.

      ⏱️ 10am — 7pm

      📍RECONNECT Zone @ The Lawn


    Exhibition: Circling Zero

    Stepping into Renew housed in The Factory space, guests will be greeted by the first piece of an incredible art exhibition, Circling Zero, jointly commissioned by Knock Knock Studio and Mercedes-Benz Singapore for GREEN-HOUSE 2024. 

    Circling Zero continues the innovative circular design narrative Mercedes-Benz introduced with their “art-as-furniture” installation at GREEN-HOUSE 2023. This exhibition will showcase creative approaches to repurposing waste and transforming used car parts into functional art pieces. Through this collaboration, Mercedes-Benz and Knock Knock Studio hope to inspire fresh perspectives on creativity and resourcefulness.

    ⏱️ 10am — 7pm

    📍RENEW Zone @ The Factory

    Experience: Tomorrow Is Here

    Samsonite: Tomorrow is Here aims to offer insights into Samsonite’s recently concluded ‘Luggage Trade-In campaign’ with a live weaving accompaniment by Natalia Tan, a local textile and community artist.

    This installation will feature a tapestry made from reclaimed luggage fabrics. Additionally, the community is invited to bring and weave unwanted fabric into the tapestry using a traditional loom.

    ⏱️ 10am — 7pm

    📍RENEW Zone @ The Factory

    Exhibition: Castlery x Pass It On Studio - Renewed & Reimagined

    Castlery returns with immersive shop-the-home concepts, “Renewed” and “Reimagined” in collaboration with Pass It On Studio.

    Used showroom pieces with slight defects are given new life with the incorporation of Pass It On Studio's bio-composite material made from agricultural waste. 45 kilograms of coconut husk were salvaged from landfills to make these materials at this exhibition.

    This partnership transforms typical waste into timeless furniture, adapting it for modern needs and sustainable innovation display. By embracing a philosophy of creating, preserving and recovering the value of products, Pass It On Studio and Castlery aim to demonstrate the spirit of sustainable innovation.

    ⏱️ 10am — 7pm

    📍RENEW Zone @ The Factory

    📍REIMAGINE Zone @ The School Hall

    • Enjoy: Complimentary Coffee From Nespresso

      Enjoy a complimentary cup of coffee with Nespresso and discover how their precision consumption system reduces waste. Discover how each coffee capsule is recycled through their local recycling program, reusing the aluminium from each pod and converting the coffee grounds into nutrient-rich compost.

      But that’s not all! Sign up for a complimentary hands-on workshop with Chris Leow and Jodie Monteiro to learn how to craft clay pots & fertile soil using upcycled Nespresso coffee grounds!

      ⏱️ 10am — 7pm

      📍REIMAGINE Zone @ The School Hall

    • Explore: Mercedes-Benz x Helinox EV Campground

      At the Reconnect zone, guests can enjoy outdoor picnics and bring their pets for a chillout session to enjoy the great outdoors against a thematic EV campground brought to life by Mercedes-Benz and Helinox.

      Get up close with Mercedes-Benz latest fleet of electric vehicles and be inspired to living a life outdoors.

      ⏱️ 10am — 7pm

      📍RECONNECT Zone @ The Lawn

    • Experience: Mercedes-Benz EV Test Drive

      The Tomorrow Drives Mercedes-Benz experience will be held at the Reconnect zone, where visitors have the opportunity to explore and experience test drives from a selection of electric vehicles. This includes models like the EQA, EQS Saloon, and Mercedes-AMG EQE 53.

      *Sign-ups will be available on the Mercedes-Benz Singapore website from 24 June 2024 onwards.

      ⏱️ 10am — 7pm

      📍REIMAGINE Zone @ The School Hall

    • Engage: Pet Adoption Drive

      Partnering with four dedicated pet societies, animal lovers can look forward to an exciting day out at GREEN-HOUSE 2024.

      Join the Parrot Society Singapore to learn how to make bird toys using upcycled materials. Learn about the responsibilities of pet ownership with Chained Dog Awareness Singapore, Cat Welfare Society, and House Rabbit Society Singapore, where guests also have the opportunity to adopt pets during the event.

      ⏱️ Various Timings

      📍RECONNECT ZONE @ The Lawn

      📍REIMAGINE Zone @ The School Hall

    Helinox Cinematheque Free Movie Screenings

    • Chasing Corals

      "Chasing Coral" is a gripping documentary that follows a team of divers, photographers, and scientists as they investigate the alarming phenomenon of coral bleaching. Through stunning underwater footage and time-lapse photography, the film highlights the rapid decline of coral reefs and the urgent need for environmental action.

    • Moving Earth

      Against the backdrop of nation-building and urban development in Singapore, a touch of bittersweet nostalgia lingers in the air as the good people of Ground-Up Initiative bid their soil goodbye in preparation for the move to a new land.

    • Mush-Mush & The Mushables

      "Mush-Mush & the Mushables" is a charming animated series that follows the adventures of Mush-Mush and his friends in a magical forest. Together, they explore their unique abilities, learn valuable life lessons, and celebrate the wonders of nature, fostering friendship, teamwork, and the joy of discovery.

    • Growing Wild

      A thought-provoking CNA documentary that examines the city's extensive green spaces and our ad-hoc relationship with nature. Urban farmer Chris Leow advocates for integrating nature into daily habits to fix the broken food system. The film highlights the importance of reconnecting with nature for our well-being and communities, urging city-dwellers to cultivate sustainable habits.

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