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About Us

What is "It" in Pass It On?

At Pass It On®, we are convicted to make sustainable urban living a necessity. Our mission is to pass on a sense of consciousness in our daily choices - big or small. Through beautiful yet environmentally responsible products, we encourage our customers to care for our environment with more kindness; we empower them to take a stand and consume wisely and consciously; and together we effect positive impacts on our planet and people.

The Story

Will the corals still be there?

Michelle was on a trip to Lady Elliot Island, the southernmost island of the Great Barrier Reef, when it dawned upon her that her then 4 year old niece might not be able to see the breathtaking reefs when she's of age to dive.


This revelation sparked Michelle's sustainable journey to learn more about the dire state of our planet, what has been done and what more could we do.

The Founder

Marketer turned environment enthusiast

With a fire in her heart, Michelle used her storytelling skills from her decade long experience in branding and advertising, to create the compelling brand you see now and Pass It On®'s best-selling product - Plantable Candles.


After months of research, development and hard work, Pass It On® was born in December 2019 with the help of all her loved ones and bestest of friends who continues to support her till this date (you know who you are!).

The Brand & Mission

It only takes a spark to do your part

What was meant to be a simple fund-raising campaign to contribute to Eden Reforestation Project's tree planting cause, Michelle became deeply encouraged by the overwhelming positive response from all around the world and decided to continue building the brand.


Now, besides our popular Plantable Candles, Pass It On® offers a wide range of sustainable lifestyle products that continue to encourage, empower and effect change.

Let's reforest 250,000 trees together!

Find out how every of your purchase contributes to Eden Reforestation Project's tree planting cause.



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