0.02 Refillable Hand Wash

0.02 Refillable Hand Wash

How many single-use plastic bottles of hand wash have you thrown out in your lifetime? Sadly, most of these bottles do not get recycled.

With each sachet of 0.02 Refillable Hand Wash weighing only 20 grams, we aim to ship out the minimal essentials to provide you a clean and hydrating low waste routine. We highly encourage you to continue refilling an existing foam pump bottle with our hand wash powder.

0.02 Refillable Hand Wash is a botanically-derived formula, transforming from powder into a rich foaming lather that gently cleanses and generously nourishes your skin.

How to use our refillable hand wash

  1. Tear sachet and pour into bottle
  2. Fill our Perpetual Bottle with warm water up to the Pass It On logo or a foaming pump bottle with 250ml water.
  3. Shake bottle gently
  4. Set aside for 20 minutes allowing powder to dissolve.
  5. Press pump all the way down to enjoy luxurious foaming hand wash