Why We Plant Trees with Eden Reforestation Projects

Why We Plant Trees with Eden Reforestation Projects

by Shahirah Azman

Did you know that each time you purchase a plantable candle or a wooden vase at Pass It On, you are actually helping us to plant trees through Eden Reforestation Projects?

To date, thanks to your continued support and contribution, we have planted more than 100,000 trees, which means Pass It On is now officially a Sapling Partner of the Eden Reforestation Projects!

Reforestation is still the most cost-efficient and socially responsible method in combatting climate change, which is why here at Pass It On, one of our primary growth metrics is to measure how many trees we plant each year. Besides planting trees, we chose Eden Reforestation Projects as our beneficiary for their know-how in building and sustaining an entire social and environmental ecosystem like no other.

Here’s why Eden Reforestation Projects is our ideal donation partner:

  • An Equal Distribution Of Funds
  • An 'Employ to Plant' Methodology
  • Helps To Sustain An Entire Ecosystem
  • Breaking The Cycle


Photo courtesy: Eden Reforestation Projects

An Equal Distribution of Funds

Unlike how we first started back in 2020 where proceeds are only given to a single site of choice, in our case - Indonesia, we have restructured our approach in which funds are distributed to all 9 nations according to its severity and urgency. 

These 9 nations includes:

  • Madagascar
  • Mozambique
  • Kenya
  • Nepal
  • Indonesia
  • Haiti
  • Central America
  • Brazil

This approach helps us to reach out to more remote communities who are in dire need of survival, either environmentally due to the rate of deforestation or simply lack of essentials for a minimum state of living. This massive large scale approach leads to a greater impact with better developments and ecosystems reestablished.


Photo courtesy: Eden Reforestation Projects

An ‘Employ To Plant’ Methodology

The Employ to Plant methodology works by employing the local community to reforest their environment. All too often, poverty stricken families are forced to cut down their forests in order to produce marketable goods to feed their families.

With this methodology in place, the approach is reversed, providing local communities with jobs and opportunities whilst doing something good for the environment, in return alleviating both deforestation and poverty.

Planting trees may seem as easy as dropping seeds into soil - but do you know that it takes a village of extensive planning and preparation in order to have the systems in place?

This includes:

  • Hiring leaders with grit, creativity, relentless determination, and total commitment to the mission

  • Dealings with bandits, warlords, elephants, leopards, wildfires, hurricanes, or parching droughts

  • Planting nearly a million trees per day

  • Maintaining planting levels even when faced with civic unrest, extreme weather, wild animals, or other disruptions


Helps to Sustain an Entire Ecosystem

‘Plant trees, saves lives’, is a motto that rings true - the act of replanting trees alone doesn’t only positively affect the environment on global scale but the involvement of local communities is also one of the crucial factors that have contributed to the success of the Eden Project’s initiatives.

With the funds provided by Eden partners like us, this largely helps to break the cycle of poverty, giving them the chance to earn wages by planting trees, instead of chopping and selling them off in desperate needs for a chance at survival. 

This in return provides local communities a form of housing, health, education and a  proper standard of living. With a healthy agriculture of harvested forests and mangroves - they are also able to witness the fruits of their labour, on how wildlife returns, and nature begins to heal, providing them food and self-sufficiency.

The Importance Of Breaking The Cycle

It may seem a little far-fetched, but the mere act of planting trees can be such an impactful tool to fight climate change, and this is why we strive to do what we do at Pass It On, with hopes and dreams to spread the word and restore ecosystems, one candle at a time, one tree at a time.

Let’s actively do our part to support small and large corporations with their sustainability efforts no matter how small or large the efforts may be, because this support can mean volumes to a community in a different part of the globe.

Pass It On, Congo Basin Plantable Candle

Pass It On, Amazon Plantable Candle

Plantable candles inspired from rainforests threatened by deforestation, Congo Basin and Amazon are just a few of the rainforests that we'd like to raise awareness on, in hopes to encourage, empower and effect change.


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