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  • Pass It On Starter Kit

    Pass It On Starter Kit

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    Whether you're celebrating someone's birthday, housewarming or celebrating a big milestone, pass on this exclusive set while contributing and spreading the word on ways we can protect our Mother Earth.


    The Starter Kit includes:

    - A Plantable Candle (of your choice)

    - A Candle Refill (of your choice)

    - A limited-edition Anthracite-Grey Rechargeable Electric Lighter

    - Bamboo Cover

    - A limited-edition 2-in-1 'Love & Light Always' box sleeve doubling up as a greeting card


    ♻️ Made of renewable and responsible materials
    🗑️ Low-waste packaging
    ✅ Can be upcycled, recycled or composte
    💌 Gives back to a cause

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