• Candle Refills Set - Gentle
  • Candle Refills Set - Gentle
  • Candle Refills Set - Gentle
  • Candle Refills Set - Gentle

    Candle Refills Set - Gentle

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    Why refills?

    When you purchase refills, it is a step towards living a more eco-conscious lifestyle when shopping for your favourite products.

    Pass It On is committed to significantly reducing single-use packaging and our overall carbon footprint. Instead of returning the empty candle vessels to us for recycling, Pass It On brings your favourite candle scents to you.

    You can now enjoy a new candle and reuse the pot instead of planting or even throwing the pot away.

    Enjoy your favourite candle scents and try out new scents with our candle refills!


    Candle Refills Bundle of 3

    Try out new scents with our Candle Refill bundle! The bundle includes Amazon, Great Barrier Reef & Venice.



    • 100% soy + beeswax. Does not contain any dyes, parabens, paraffin or phthalates.
    • 100g candle with approx. 20 hour burn time
    • Refill dimensions - 6cm x 6cm
    • Packaging dimensions - 6.5cm (L) x 6.5cm (W) x 8cm (H)





    ♻️ Made of renewable and responsible materials
    🗑️ Low-waste packaging
    ✅ Can be upcycled, recycled or composted💌 Gives back to a cause

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