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For those who do not want to give up their table culture on the go: DYNASTY is the perfect to go set for Asian specialties, consisting of a large spoon and a pair of chopsticks. It is the perfect symbiosis of function, form and material. To transport, simply fit all pieces together compactly so nothing is lost. The cutlery is environmentally friendly, long-lasting, easy to clean and 100% recyclable.

The cutlery is a comfortable size, is ergonomically-designed and is extremely robust and lightweight. KLIKK shows how intelligent design can be used to save material and energy and thus actively reduce CO₂ every single day.


Material: The koziol Organic material is a blend of thermoplastic polypropylene (PP/05) and  natural cellulose.

Size: 23.0cm L x 4.5cm W x 2.4cm H


About Koziol

Koziol is a German family owned brand since 1927. By controlling their own production, Koziol is able to carry out sustainable production in compliance with strict German environmental laws, while using 100% green energy to run their factories. Koziol believes in creativity and beauty with a conscious mind, in order to help people create a better lives.


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