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Orchard & Woods Set

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Orchard & Woods Set, a hand-woven pouffe made of dried cattail, is handcrafted by the villagers at Shandong Province, China. 

Each pouffe is made by hand with cattail, an aquatic plant that grows expansively in the suburban areas of Shandong, China. A natural resource that the villagers relied on since generations before, cattail weaving is used in many of their daily tools and furniture.

Pass It On works with these villagers turned artisans to create modern and beautiful home accessories. Using only linen cloth and dried cattail leaves for the products. Every product is then sanitised with ultraviolet lighting overnight.



As dried cattail are harvested at different times and seasons, some of the pouffes may be slightly more yellow or green and may contain some discolouration due to the natural state of the leaves.


**Only available for delivery within Singapore.



  • Diameter - 40cm 
  • Height - 20cm (Orchard), 10cm (Woods)


🌲Green Impact 🌲

For every one of this product sold 20 trees planted with Eden Reforestation Projects


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